I’m Vanessa,

Owner of Breath&Relax. I specialize in waxing and giving wonderful massages. Good customer service and patience are paramount in my work. I offer my customers a service they will never forget.

I strive to make every treatment as comfortable and relaxed as possible. I use the best products I can find and teach each client about his or her own skin. I put the utmost care into every detail. I want to relax every sense by making my workplace as visually appealing as possible, the wonderful smell you smell when you walk in and the soft music playing in the background.

Breath&Relax was founded during the pandemic,

After working in large wax salons for two years without really enjoying it. I had to return to myself to rediscover my passions and find what really brought me pleasure. I have always wanted to have my own salon/spa where I can make people feel special and where they can relax during every treatment.

In 2015 I became a certified beautician and started my professional career as a wax specialist. I started my salon at home and quickly expanded to my own premises two months later.

Where beauty meets perfection! 🌺✨

Elevate your beauty ritual with Breath&Relax

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