Tired of reaching for your razor every time? Or do hair strips or depilatory creams not work properly? Then visit Breath & Relax and get yourself waxed. Waxing is often seen as an unpleasant and even painful experience, but at Breath & Relax you experience that it can be done differently. In my practice I use a special type of wax that does not stick to the skin, making it a lot less painful. Both women and men are welcome to get waxed. I make sure that you feel completely at home and that you undergo the waxing treatment with a relaxed feeling.


Our Massages offer a lot of benefits for both the body and mind.

They promote relaxation by easing muscle tension and reducing stress levels, also stimulate the release of endorphins, enhancing mood and reducing anxiety.

Regular sessions can boosts immune function by enhancing lymphatic drainage, aiding in the body’s defense against illness.

Our massages not only feel luxurious but also contribute to overall well-being and health.


Our facial bio solutions are designed to nourish, repair, and rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. By harnessing the power of bioactive ingredients and advanced skincare techniques, we can help you achieve lasting results that enhance your natural beauty.


Laser hair removal with the Triple Ice Machine has revolutionized the way we approach hair removal, offering a more comfortable, efficient, and effective solution than ever before. With its combination of diode laser technology and advanced cooling systems, this treatment is suitable for all skin types and delivers long-lasting results you can expect 80% to 95% of the hairs gone. Say goodbye to unwanted hairs and embrace the future of hair removal with the Triple Ice Machine at Breath&Relax, achieve smooth, hair-free skin and boost your confidence with this innovative and painless approach to hair removal.

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