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At Breath&Relax you can choose a Relaxation Massage or a Guasha Facial Massage.

Guasha is a healing technique, which literally means removing diseases from the body. This massage uses a special scraper rubbed on oil-covered skin. Guasha is a way to reveal invisible stagnations on the skin. These invisible stagnations are waste products that are stored in connective tissue, joints or muscles. This is the case when the body can no longer properly remove waste products through the lymphatic system. This means that blood and energy can no longer circulate properly, which can cause physical problems.

A Guasha massage stimulates the detoxification mechanism, so that the body can eliminate waste again. Complaints such as sore muscles and inflamed joints will diminish or disappear completely. This massage is therefore very suitable for solving long-term or even chronic ailments. The purifying effect of this deep massage is soothing for body and mind. Guasha is ideal as a facial massage. By rubbing the scraper against the face giving the skin a firm and vital appearance again.


A busy office job, bad posture or heavy physical work… This sometimes plays tricks on the back, neck and shoulders. With a back, neck and shoulder massage you can enjoy a relaxing massage where all attention is paid to these areas. Special massage techniques are used to massage painful and stiff muscles so that your specific complaints are quickly relieved.

A relaxation massage is a true treat for body and mind and one of the oldest and healthiest ways to relax. A massage is therefore not a luxury, but a real necessity. To feel and function well every day, it is important that you take regular rest periods. With a relaxing massage you can recharge your batteries and say goodbye to stress.







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